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Must See Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow

Would you be surprised to learn that Glasgow has become one of the biggest art capitals in the world? Well, believe it, because this amazing city boasts one of the most expensive collections of art across the globe. Spread out across 13 different museums, you can expect to enjoy the most cultural experience possible and all in this stunning Scottish city.

To make sure you get the most out of your visit, here's a fantastic rundown of some of the most exciting art galleries you need to visit while in this amazing city.

Art Galleries - The Rundown

Art Gallery in Kelvingrove museum
  • GoMA: otherwise known as Glasgow's Gallery Of Modern Art, this gallery is home to a variety of exhibitions, both permanent and temporary. GoMA is known for showcasing some incredible masterpieces of local and even international artists. The building it's housed in was a former stock exchange, so the architecture of the building itself is enough to pull any art lover in too. It also hosts biannual projects that specifically highlight socio-political and cultural issues. You'll find GoMA at the Royal Exchange Square.
  • Transmission the Transmission gallery is another that needs to find itself at the top of your must-see list. Transmission is home to the avant-garde and off-kilter, giving your mind a break from the run of the mill to enjoy something a little different. In fact, it could be considered so much more than a gallery, especially as it's the first artist led gallery, working with artists through every single stage of creation through to production and more. You'll find Transmission along King Street.
  • Kelvingrove : Kelvingrove is both an art gallery and a museum. It's also considered a must-see for anyone visiting Glasgow. This gallery pulls in thousands of art lovers every single year, through its doors into the red sandstone building and does so with its rather impressive collection of European art. You'll find Kelvingrove, home to works by Rembrandt and Renoir as well as 8000 other objects, along Kelvingrove park.
  • Free entry Kelvingrove museum's art gallery
  • Mary Mary : Mary Mary is home to the who's who of Glasgow. This contemporary gallery hosts work by a very few select resident artists whose artwork is usually hosting globally. This gives local residents and tourists the chance to see it right on their doorstep. Mary Mary is a very low key, lofty space and offers an air of exclusivity. It also plays host to the annual Glasgow International Festival Of Visual Art! You'll find Mary Mary on Dixon Street.
  • The Modern Institute : the Modern Institute is known as the epicentre of contemporary art. It firmly gets behind champions of variety and trailblazing minds. This true arty space offers blank canvas white walls as well as floods of natural light through its huge skylights. Hosting both commercial and conceptual contemporary art, it will find both its private and public shows very popular indeed. Open since 1997, the Modern Institute can be found along Osborne Street.
  • Glasgow Print Studio : the Glasgow Print Studio (GPS) has been a fixture in this city since 1972 and remains one of the most influential art galleries in the city. The Print Studio is not only internationally renowned but has become an esteemed pillar within the printmaking industry. The Glasgow Print Studio invests heavily in the artists it exhibits and also hosts numerous workshops and teaching events throughout the year. You'll find GPS along Trongate.
  • Tramway : if you're looking for a true high-end art gallery then Tramway is the place to visit. With its various nooks and crannies, Tramway offers leading international art ranging from visual to performance, even music, film and theatre. Considered the treasure chest of contemporary art, you'll find Tramway and all of its wonderful pieces along Albert Drive.
  • Hunterian : last but not least we have the Hunterian. This amazing space isn't just an art gallery, it's a museum too and is one of the oldest museums in Scotland. The art gallery part of this building is where the real fun lies however, as it includes some incredible permanent displays that span the ages from the Glasgow Boys to Rembrandt. The Hunterian is also home to a huge amount of work by James McNeill Whistler, boasting the largest display out there. You can find the Hunterian along Hillhead Street.