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Glasgow University in the West End

If you are planning a trip to Scotland, you might already know that Edinburgh has everyone in love and that the famous Scottish Highlands are also a great attraction. However, there is a destination that at first might not impress you, but that won't let you down after you visit it: Glasgow.

Reasons to visit Glasgow

Glasgow University

Free attractions in Glasgow

The biggest city in Scotland in terms of population is a gem that has many places free to enter. The City Chambers, art galleries and Glasgow Cathedral, among others, are good examples. Going inside those places won't cost a single penny, and it's definitely worth it!

Mackintosh architecture

One of the best things to see in Glasgow is the masterpieces that Charle Renne Mackintosh left us. He is not that well-known outside Great Britain, and he wasn't even that famous when he was alive... But nowadays, he is considered one of the extraordinary sons of Glasgow, with all fairness. Some of his work from the early 20th century is so irreverent and ground-breaking that even today could be considered modern. Discover his designs and buildings that he made with his wife, a truly unique experience.

Football in Glasgow

Glasgow is known for the famous rivalry between its two biggest teams: the Celtic and Rangers. No matter if you don't like football, because the history and environment that surrounds this rivalry will catch your attention anyway.

Food in Glasgow

Glasgow's highly appreciated cuisine

Glasgow has gone through a radical transformation in its culinary scene. The diversity and options to taste incredible food in Glasgow keep growing every year. Try and go to one of the local pubs where they do "pop-ups". The restaurants let different chefs use their kitchens each week to guarantee a variety of flavours and styles.

The people in Glasgow

Glasgow's motto is "People make Glasgow''. And once you are here, you will find why. Glasgow it's been a city that never had it easy through history. The city has faced bombings in World War Two, de-industrialization, etc. The effects of some of those events can be even seen today. It's been the people in Glasgow that have overcome those struggles and keep improving the city every day.

Street Art

Glasgow street art tour

Glasgow sometimes looks like an open-air museum, not only because of its impressive buildings but also because of its murals. The city is covered in giant graffiti that brings colour and life all over Glasgow. Abandoned buildings, old walls and more places become the perfect canvas for the local artists. Glasgow it's one of the epicentres of Street Art in the United Kingdom, along with Bristol. When you walk around Glasgow, you will surprise yourself by discovering enormous artistic murals in the most unexpected places.

Travel to Glasgow

In the airport before taking a flight to Glasgow

We'll leave you with a short guide about flights, airports, trains and buses so you can visit and move around the city.

Flights to Glasgow

If you are planning on travelling to Glasgow by plane, luckily for you, you have a bunch of options. Glasgow has two airports: Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick. If you can't find any trip that suits your needs, perhaps you can try Edinburgh airport, which is not too far from Glasgow city centre (around an hour).

Find the cheapest trip to Glasgow on Skyscanner, that compares different airlines and travel agencies to give the lowest price, without extra fees.

Glasgow International Airport

This airport is very close to centre and well connected, a trip will only take you around 15-20 minutes. First Glasgow operates buses 24 hours, every day of the year except Christmas, so you shouldn't have any problem getting to and from the airport. You can check here the bus stops from Glasgow airport to the city centre.

Ticket type Adult (+16) Child (5 - 15) Family
One way £8.5 £4.5 £19
Open return £14 £7 £29

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Low-cost airlines tend to operate this airport, which is at the southwest of Glasgow. The journey time by bus or train to the city centre is just under an hour, approximately.

Note: You can check here the Prestwick-Glasgow trains options.

Trains to Glasgow

Person taking a train in Glasgow

Glasgow is well connected by train with many cities across Great Britain. These are some of the most popular connections:

  • Edinburgh: Very high train frequency. Journey takes between 50 and 90 minutes, depending on stops.
  • London: High frequency of trains. Journey time varies.
  • Mancheser: High frequency of trains. Joruney takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Find the best train to Glasgow on Trainline, the easiest way to get your tickets.

Buses and coaches to Glasgow

The cheapest place to buy bus trips in the United Kingdom is Megabus. If you buy the ticket advance enough, the price will be extremely affordable. For example, you can get deals less than £10 return London - Glasgow.

However, please don't forget the journey length! In short distance trips, such as Edinburgh - Glasgow, it doesn't take much more time than the train, but it can be considerably cheaper.

Accommodation in Glasgow

If you have already decided that you want to spend at least a night in Glasgow, it's time now to pick where! Probably nobody will be surprised when hearing that, the closer you get to the centre, the more expensive the hotel tends to be. Luckily, Glasgow has a good network of subway and buses, and there are many things to see in the city. The best thing is staying in the city centre or West End, not incidentally, that's where most of the hotels are.

Tip: Although generally speaking, Glasgow is quite safe, people tend to recommend avoiding holiday apartments around Calton, Possil and Castlemilk.

Best Hotels in Glasgow

Hotel room in central Glasgow

The prices of hotels tend to vary depending on the season, occupation, etc. In any case, here you can find two hotels that are quite popular and tend to have good reviews and value.

Leonardo Inn Glasgow

In Glasgow's West End, the Hotel Leonardo it's ideal to discover the university area. Very close to the hotel, you have a big supermarket, along with plenty of coffee shops and restaurants. The rooms are modern and warm, equipped with TV and free Wifi, and the hotel staff is friendly.

Ibis Styles Glasgow

One of the best perks of Ibis Styles Glasgow is its location. The best things to do and attractions are really close to the hotel since it's in the middle of the city centre. In addition to that, the price, compared with other hotels in the area, is very reasonable. Another strength is the continental breakfast, highly regarded by its hosts.

In any case, if you want to see availability or check other hotels and apartments for better price, find the best deal on

Where to eat in Glasgow

Which are the best places to eat in Glasgow? Here you have some of our favourites restaurants in the city.

Hanoi Bike

Without any doubt, the atmosphere and decoration of this canteen are one of the attractiveness of this place. But the thing is that its Vietnamese food is delicious too!

Oran Mor Brasserie

This former church, located at Glasgow's West End, features a traditional Scottish menu ideal for you to taste Haggis!


Jodandys is a coffee shop with a huge variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free fresh food. The best thing is that it has a very affordable price, the bad thing, though, is that it may be a little far from where you stay.

Malaga Tapas

If you want to try something different to Fish and Chips and Haggis, here you have an option to taste Spanish food.

What to do in 1 day in Glasgow

1 day in Glasgow featuring the bridge

Many itineraries 4 days itineraries to visit Edinburgh save one day to spend in Glasgow. Or it's also quite typical, in a 3-day road trip around Scotland, going through Glasgow. In any case, we will try to list here all the things you must do in 1 day in Glasgow.

Glasgow Free Tour

The best way to make the most of a day in Glasgow is by doing the Free Walking Tour. This guided walk will show you the main attractions of Glasgow's city centre in just 2 hours! In particular, you will get to see Glasgow City Chambers, the Cathedral and the Gallery of Modern Art.Besides seeing those things, you will get to understand Glasgow's history and anecdotes.

If you aren't familiar with the "free tour" system, this is a great chance for you to try. Instead of paying a ticket at the beginning, it's at the end when you pay, if anything, what you consider the tour is worth.

Glasgow University

In the guided walk around Glasgow, you visit the city centre, along with some famous murals. That's why visiting the West End after that is a great way of complimenting the tour. It is highly recommendable to visit the surroundings of Byres Road since there are loads of delightful restaurants and bars.

What to see and do in 2 days in Glasgow

West end of Glasgow with the university

If you have 2 days to spend in Glasgow, check the city centre in more detail, you won't regret it!

Go shopping in Buchanan Street

The shopping area in Glasgow is Buchanan Street. Probably after the famous Oxford Street in London, it's the biggest shopping street in the whole UK. Glasgow can be heaven for those that want to go shopping. Edinburgers might have more medieval buildings, but it's in Glasgow where they go shopping. What can you buy here? Anything. From malls with all the big brands to vintage and underground shops, you have everything in Glasgow.

Visit the Lighthouse

Probably, if you do Glasgow's walking tour, the guide will mention the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is not really a lighthouse, but a multipurpose centre with free entry! Most tourists go there to get a 360 degrees view of Glasgow after climbing an iconic spiral staircase. But besides views, the Lighthouse hosts an exhibition of Mackintosh and another one of design and architecture.

Have an afternoon tea in Glasgow's city centre

As you probably all know, afternoon tea is a Great British tradition. And if you want to join the locals with their tea, we recommend you to go to the Willow Tearoom, a brilliant recreation of the designs and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

What to do in Glasgow in 3 days

Buchanan street with people shopping in Glasgow

If you do the Glasgow Free Tour, two days is normally enough to see the most famous landmarks and monuemnts. For your third day, we recommend you a wee trip to Loch Lomond and if you aren't too tired, the Glasgow Pub Crawl!

Trip to Loch Lomond

Glasgow has the privilege of being next to Loch Lomond and the National Park of the Trossachs. In just 50 minutes, you can leave the busy and fuzzy city centre of Glasgow behind to be surrounded by nature. Although Loch Ness is more famous, thanks to its monster, Loch Lomond is equally or even more beautiful than Loch Ness. It's also the lake that covers the most area in the whole of Great Britain, and everything around it is truly stunning.

If you want to discover more places like Loch Lomond and the history behind them, we recommend you to hire the Loch Lomond and Oban day tour.

Glasgow Pub Crawl

In the Glasgow Pub Crawl, you will get to meet new people and have fun while visiting some of the best bars and clubs in Glasgow. Enjoy discounts, free shots and a night to remebmer!

Things to do in Glasgow in 4 days

Victoria Street in the Edinburgh Free Tour
Victoria Street on the Edinburgh Free Tour

If you have 4 days to be in Glasgow, we would suggest you spend one in Edinburgh. You can be there by train in less than an hour! The Scottish capital is one of the best places you can see, so there is no excuse to skip it. If you are short of ideas about what to do in Edinburgh, you can start by doing the Old Town Tour, which will give you a perfect introduction to the city!