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Required documentation before travelling to Edinburgh

If you're heading to Edinburgh for the first time, it can be all too easy to tie this Scottish city in with the likes of London and Manchester. This unique city however, has a few rules of its own, along with its very own currency we might add, so whether you're heading there for business or pleasure this guide to Edinburgh prep could be the best thing you read all day, ensuring your trip to this amazing city is nothing short of unforgettable first time round.

Documentation For Edinburgh

Passports to enter the UK

If you were travelling to Scotland as a citizen of the UK or Republic Of Ireland, you won't require a passport, however if not, you'll need a passport as usual to travel to this magnificent country. You'll have to pass through border control as normal which will require your passport or photo ID but just because you're through doesn't mean you can put the ID away.

In Scotland, you'll find they operate a very strict “Challenge 25” policy. This means, if you're looking to grab some alcohol or tobacco, you'll be asked for your ID if you look under 25. This is simply to ensure that those who may not usually 'need' ID are still within the legal age limits to make the purchase.

Get Your Beer Money At The Ready

Scotish pounds note different from English note

While most who venture to the UK and travel onward to Scotland continue to use the Great British Pound, symbolised by the '£', you can actually grab Scottish bank notes too. These are notes which have been printed by the Bank Of Scotland, Royal Bank Of Scotland as well as the Clydesdale Bank. They each have different designs so try not to fret if after a few days in Edinburgh you find yourself with four different £5 notes in your pocket. They're all perfectly legal and will all pay for that beer you've been longing for since you hopped off your flight.

If you have no cash on you, don't fret, as you'll still be able to pay by card. Depending where you've travelled from however, you may find yourself being charged transaction fees, otherwise known as exchange fees, so you may want to bear that in mind when using your card. While these fees aren't very high, they soon add up when making lots of small purchases.

The Great Scottish Language

English dictionary

While many assume that English is the only language spoken in Scotland, they're actually wrong. There are in fact three different official languages that are spoken in Scotland. These are English, Scots and Gaelic. Before you begin to search for a Scots and Gaelic translation book, don't worry. Everyone speaks English so communicating with the locals won't be a problem. It's worth remembering that locals will indeed speak with a Scottish accent, with a few slang terms thrown in such as “wee” which means small and “aye” instead of yes.

Want To See More Of Edinburgh?

Victoria street in Edinburgh
Old Town on the Free Edinburgh Walking Tour

If you'd really like to explore Edinburgh and all it has to offer, then why not join us on one of our many free tours that guarantee to show you a side of Edinburgh you just wouldn't get to experience. From our Harry Potter tours to our Ghost Tours and of course, our Edinburgh specific tours, which will give you the rich history of this amazing city, along with an unbridled view into its fabulous culture. Book online now!

Oh, and one last thing, don't forget your umbrella, unless you like getting caught in the rain…