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in Scotland

The famous Hogwarts Express in Scotland

Scotland is one of the world's most attractive countries. Its people are friendly, passionate and the country itself boasts some of the most beautiful landscape you'll ever see. Taking a holiday in this magnificent location is a dream in itself but with so much to see and do, having a spectacular programme of events and tours is the ideal way to make sure you're taking in all Scotland has to offer.

Here at Blubale, we're such huge fans of Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular. So much so that we now offer some amazing tours within these areas.

Visit Edinburgh With Blubale

Edinburgh Tour around the Royal Mile and St Giles cathedral

Scotland's capital is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the UK (and even in Europe). This amazing destination has such a rare and unique charm with its cobbled streets and narrow passageways. It's known for its dark corners and majestic buildings making it not only an incredibly romantic destination but one of history and culture. From its gardens to museums, the city is a kind and open one that has become a firm favourite here at Blubale.

While the weather may not always offer you sunshine, the excitement and possibilities in this wonderful city certainly do, especially when you have the amazing guides from Blubale at your side. Whether you're a curious tourists looking to explore the dark nights and quiet corners in Edinburgh or a couple on the lookout for Harry Potter's favourite hang out, we have the tour for you. Before you jump on board and book your next tour in Edinburgh with us, there's also another wonderful city to consider as well…

Visit Glasgow With Blubale

Gallery of Modern Art, one of the stops of Glasgow's Free Walking Tour

From dawn to dusk, there's always something going on in the port city of Glasgow. We guarantee that if you wanted to, you could find an activity or attraction to enjoy every single hour in this amazing city. From the neighbourhoods to the shopping, Glasgow has something for everyone.

It boasts some of the most spectacular architecture and the food experiences are second to none. If you're looking for entertainment and a little Scottish culture to boot, you won't have to look far, from performing arts to sporting events. The question is, how can our good selves here at Streetours make it all the more exciting? With our tours in Glasgow of course.

Discover the Best of Scotland

Highlands trip to see mountains and lakes

Here at Blubale we offer an incredible experience, providing tours in Edinburgh and Glasgow, allowing you to really see the city and truly understand all there is to love about this city. Our tours, as you may have noticed, have been rated excellent by hundreds of travellers, which makes them even more attractive.

From our incredibly in-depth tours of Edinburgh, discussing the city itself and its evolution over the last century to our Harry Potter tours, there's something for everyone. We even provide some incredible Ghost tours in Glasgow and Edinburgh too, giving you full access to those dark corners and narrow cobbled streets, guaranteed to give you a fright and show you the real excitement these amazing cities have to offer.